Art Union
Terms and Conditions

Art Union Terms and Conditions

  1. Art Union Raffle and Prizes
    1. The Rotary Club of Townsville Sunrise Inc. (RCoTS) Art Union Raffle (AUR) is conducted as a Category 3 Art Union under the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulations.
    2. First Prize – The winners choice of new or used Motor vehicles, Home Furniture, Electrical, Stereo, Computer goods, Travel, Boats, Campervans, Motor Bikes or Quad Bikes from named suppliers to a value of $100,000.00.
    3. Second Prize – A travel voucher or the like from a named supplier to a value of $10,000.00.
    4. Third Prize – Fuel cards or a fuel account from a named supplier to the value of $1,500.00.
    5. Book Buyer’s Prize – Items of plant or machinery from a named supplier to a value of $2,000.00.
    6. The value in the case of each prize will be the retail value according to the supplier of the prize.
  1. Tickets
    1. A maximum number of 2,500 tickets will be sold at $100 each.
    2. Tickets are available for purchase online or in person from a RCoTS representative or external seller. All ticket purchases require immediate payment.
    3. Tickets will be issued upon receipt of payment. For online sales, a ticket number confirmation will be emailed to participants within ten (10) business days after the date of online purchase.
    4. The following persons are not eligible to participate in the AUR:
      1. a member of the Club’s Management Committee (whether a voting member or not);
      2. a member of the Art Union Raffle Committee (AURC);
      3. a Club member involved in the drawing of any of the prizes;
      4. a member of the immediate family of a person mentioned in 10 (a), (b) and (c); to avoid doubt a member of the immediate family means the Club member’s spouse/partner, son or daughter ordinarily residing with the Club member. A member of the immediate family of the club member not ordinarily residing with the club member is entitled to participate in the AUR.
  1. Closing Date, Draw and Notification
    1. The close date is 26 November 2021.
    2. The draw date is 17 December 2021 at a public draw to be held at the Townsville RSL.
    3. If the AURC decides that an insufficient number of tickets will be sold by the closing date, the closing date and the drawing date may both be extended such that the drawing date is not later than one (1) year after the day tickets in the AUR start to be sold.
    4. The results of the AUR will be published on our website and in the Townsville Bulletin on the date specified (unless extended) in the tickets detailing the prizes won, the names of the prize winners and the winning ticket numbers.
    5. The AURC will make all reasonable efforts in accordance with the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999 to notify the winner by telephone, and/or registered mail.
    6. If a prize winner does not claim his/her prize within twelve (12) months of the draw, then the prize will be deemed abandoned and entitlement to the prize, if by then having been purchased by the Club, will remain with the Club, but if not so purchased, the Club will be under no obligation to do so. The Club is not liable to conduct a redraw for any prize that is not claimed by a prize winner within twelve (12) months of the draw.
  1. Other
    1. Any other expenses, including but not limited to transport and other costs involved in the collection of the prize are at the winner’s sole expense.
    2. None of the prizes offered may be substituted for cash. If the prize winner wishes to receive an amount of cash instead of the prize won, then he/she must make private arrangements with the supplier of the prize concerned.
    3. All proceeds of the AUR are for the purpose of funding Rotary projects and programs at the sole discretion of the RCoTS.
    4. Photographs are used for illustration purposes only. They are not to scale and are not an accurate presentation of the prize.
    5. While conducting this AUR, The RCoTS collects your personal information. It reserves the right to use this information for future marketing purposes and to fulfil your ticketing orders.
    6. The RCoTS’s Privacy Policy details how your personal information will be collected and used by us.
    7. Purchasers of RCoTS Art Union Raffle Tickets are to also refer to the Product Sales Terms and Conditions on this website.
    8. The RCoTS reserves the right to cancel Raffle Tickets acquired by the purchaser through a fraudulent transaction, or where it has been identified that payment has not been made in full.