The Thuringowa Friendship Park (Lappin Park) upgrade project was started by the Taiwan Rotarian, CT Wu, gifting $10,000 to Sunrise Rotary to carry out a project to promote peace.

From this humble beginning, Sunrise Rotary Townsville has significantly increased the amenity of this park through funds raised and numerous grants from Rotary District Grants, Community Gambling Fund Grants coupled with a significant amount of in-kind labour provided by our club members.

We have installed three exercise stations, landscaping, a gas barbecue, shelter shed, signage and pathways to further improve this park to serve the needs of Townsville and Thuringowa residents.

Our most recent stage to this project was to install improved pathways within the park.

To date our club has invested over $80,000 of funds into the park amenities in addition to significant in-kind labour, making Thuringowa Park and inviting place for residents to improve their connection with others, increasing their physical and mental health.