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zooper / harvey norman / rising sun townsville

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Serve the less Fortunate

We use the funds raised to help the less fortunate locally, like Tahlia, a four-year-old girl with lissencephaly, a rare neurological disorder, causing daily seizures and severely restricting her mobility.  She now has a more comfortable life thanks to the proceeds of the Rotary Club of Townsville Sunrise Car Art Union.


Presentation of Wheelchair Modified Van to Tahlia’s mum Cassy


Help us

Develop our Future

We use the funds raised to develop our future leaders through the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards for secondary school students to hone their leadership potential, for university students to develop creative problem-solving strategies, or for young professionals to learn ethical business practices.

Help us

Fight Disease

We use the funds raised to educate the community about Prostate Cancer.  The Red Socks initiative promotes men to see their GP to get tested for this terrible disease, affecting 1 in 5 men under the age of 85.


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When payment is completed, our website is advised of the payment is successful. You will be issued with an image of your tickets via email.

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